Superintendent Performance Goals

Superintendent Performance Goals - 2017-2018

1. Develop and recommend a budget that reduces deficit spending and meets the
needs of the District.
a. Beginning in July, the Superintendent will provide accurate and in-depth
budget workshops to enable the MVISD Board to make an educated decision when adopting the annual budget.
b. Reduce deficit spending in the Food Service Program
i. The Superintendent will provide leadership in areas of supervision, budget controls, and training.
2. The Superintendent will provide leadership in increasing funding and expanding programs for the Career and Technology Education (CATE) Program.
a. Evaluate and monitor course coding and coherent sequence
b. Provide additional courses and staff
3. The Superintendent will provide leadership designed to improve student
performance and promote academic improvement of the schools within the District.
a. The Superintendent will provide leadership in developing plans to align
curriculum throughout the District through working with the Assistant Superintendent and campus principals.
i. Test/Assessment Development
ii. Professional Development
iii. Increase TEA Academic Distinctions
b. Ensure appropriate technology and applications are available to
administrators and staff to efficiently and effectively monitor
4. The Superintendent will provide leadership to better communicate to the
general public the positive activities programs, and accomplishments of the
a. Through electronic communication, the Superintendent will provide
board members a weekly highlight of District activities and events.
b. The Superintendent will participate as a visible part of the community as
a representative of the District in such activities as Civic organizations,
Industrial Foundation Committee, extra-curricular events, and other
various community events throughout the year.
5. Ensure that students are provided a safe and secure learning environment
that promotes, nurtures, and facilitates learning.
a. Maintain facilities to remain compliant, including pursuing
opportunities for new construction
b. Coordinate Safety Audit with Region 8 and District Police